The most common way organisations work with Transformus is by establishing a Transformus Shadow Board. The Transformus Shadow Board is an annual or bi-annual engagement where a fit-for-purpose shadow board are formed to review board documentation and provide recommendations to the board before decisions are made.

The Transformus Shadow Board are responsible for challenging the status quo, sharing their diverse experience and bringing new ideas to the table. In return, the Transformus Shadow Board create new connections, broaden their transformation experience and further develop leadership skills.

How does Transformus work? 

Transformus are open to fit-for-purpose engagements depending on the circumstance. Given that the Transformus team are full time professionals and leaders within organisations, the overarching principle is that it is a light touch, collaborative engagement to surface the best strategic thinking as quickly as possible for mutual benefit. We see ourselves as trusted advisors, we are not consultants. Our recommendations come with no operational limitations and is not strategy pitched to win further work.

One example of a fit-for-purpose engagement which we offer is The Transformus Shadow Board.