How is Transformus different to a consultancy or an agency?

Transformus is a voluntary organisation with all members holding day jobs in other organisations. It is set up as a learning and development opportunity for members. Engagements with Transformus are brief and clearly defined. There is no opportunity or agenda to sell in ongoing services or execute recommendations.

What is unique about a Shadow Board? 

A shadow board has the ability to present independent and diverse recommendations with no existing or future agenda in mind. It provides experienced, external and challenging viewpoints which may not be represented in the existing governance and operating model.

What does a Transformus Shadow Board engagement cost?

The Transformus Shadow Board is cost neutral in order to ensure it is a win-win for both parties. The organisation will cover the cost of travel, accomodation and incidentals for the Transformus Shadow Board to complete the engagement. Transformus members will manage their own availability for the engagement – it is not a paid engagement.

What are the deliverables of the Transformus Shadow Board?

The Transformus Shadow Board will review all of the board papers and background documentation in conjunction with a briefing from a senior leader within the organisation. The Shadow Board will meet independently to discuss and provide recommendations on the organisations current situation. These will be collated into a 10-15 minute presentation which will be shared by a Transformus member prior to the commencement of the board meeting.

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